Professional intermediaries

You’ve worked hard to build your business and you’ve worked even harder to make sure that your clients receive the high levels of professional advice they deserve. Integrating investment management into your services completes the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It builds your business but, most of all, it’s what your clients want from you.

Your clients trust you. They feel safe knowing their wealth is in your hands. You cannot risk damaging that relationship. You need an investment manager who will not let you down. One who places the service they provide to your clients, and to you, at the centre of their relationship with you.

Your obligation is to select an investment manager who is right for your client. One who is not conflicted by the need to sell their own products. One whose fees and charges not only offer value for money but are also totally transparent. One who can work with the structures and wrappers you need to use.





Risk management, investment performance, active management – these are taken for granted. After all, there are so many firms who claim to offer the best of each of these. Can they truly work as a component part of your business? Can they adapt themselves to what you need? Or do they expect you, or even worse your clients, to fit in with them?

European Investment Management was designed precisely to answer these demands. It was built from scratch to integrate seamlessly with professional advisers like you. To provide you with a consistent service you can trust. In just the same way you provide that service to your own clients.

We do not have the baggage or legacy that constrain so many managers and prevent them from being flexible. Our job is to work with you in the way that suits you. We don’t dictate, we listen. We want to understand how we fit and what it is you want us to do.

You want us to meet your clients? That’s fine. We love clients but we never forget whose clients they are and how important they are to you. We know we must look after their wealth and that we must make sure that our communication with you and them is clear.

If you would like to find out more about what makes us so different, please contact us to arrange a meeting.