Individuals and families

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
George MacDonald

At the heart of our business lie our relationships with the individuals and families who trust us with their wealth. We take that trust very seriously.

Of course all our clients are different but we won’t show you pictures of hand made suits or use words like ‘bespoke’ or ‘tailor-made’ – you know that already. The only way to truly understand each other and to build a successful and trusting partnership is to talk. We have to get to know you.

Until we talk we don’t know if you simply want to deal with the here and now, or if you are thinking ahead to future generations. Or maybe its both. Either way, we realise how important your wealth is to you. As the Cat pointed out to Alice, you don’t want pre-determined answers. You want somebody who will take the time to understand your aspirations and who appreciates that these will change over time.

You certainly don’t want somebody who tries to sell you their products. You need somebody who will work in partnership with you, advising and selecting the best options for you. Someone who can recommend the best ways forward for you, but who is just as happy to leave a meeting saying that there is no urgent action required. Someone who acts like your partner, not like a salesman.