What is wealth management?

You’re sure of two things – you want to protect the wealth you have, and you want it to grow. But there is a world’s difference between knowing it and achieving it.

Achieving it means ensuring that your wealth is working as hard for you as you are for it. And whilst you are hard at work, it is being protected at all times.

You know that you need guidance. And you know that you need to start today. But you have to be able trust the advice you get. You need somebody who will take the time to understand you, not just your wealth. And they must be independent and fair, with your best interests at heart.

We hope you have found what you were looking for at European Wealth. You’ll certainly discover that we’re about much more than just independence. You will find that, as we get to know one another, our complete transparency and consistency of service will enable a partnership of trust to develop between us.

You’ll also discover that our approach is about so much more than just asking questions. It is about developing a shared understanding. Sometimes an understanding of things that you may not have previously considered important or relevant.

It may be about the good things in life – planning for your children’s education, an unexpected windfall, a dream retirement or helping others. It may be to shield you from some of the less good things – a tax bill, a sudden illness or the break up of a relationship.

It certainly means that wherever possible, you want to avoid wealth-related surprises.

Either way, we will offer you guidance and clarify the decisions that need to be made. These decisions will enable the development of a wealth management strategy that mirrors your life plans.

Your strategy may be simply to protect your wealth or it may be to grow it. We will give you impartial advice as to whether you need help and whether what we offer is right for you.