Protecting you and your family

If that makes us sound like your financial bodyguard then that is probably quite a good description. Wealth preservation is just as important as wealth creation and however simple or complex your financial situation most people would like to ensure that they and their families are protected from ill health, the loss of a job, or even from premature death. All of these can affect your lifestyle, your family life and your business if you or another key individual suffers similar problems. We can provide a shortfall analysis to ensure you understand the gaps in your protection needs and offer you the opportunity to fill these gaps for your peace of mind and offer security for you and your family.

As independent advisers, we are able to look across the life insurance market to secure not only a competitive premium but a policy with an established provider with significant financial strength and a good claims history. The benefits of such policies include:

  • A lump sum or regular income for your family if you died
  • A regular income if you were unable to work because of ill health
  • A lump sum if you suffered a “dread disease” or became permanently disabled