Discretionary investment management

You want your money to grow, but you don’t want to lose it. You’d like advice about the best balance to be found between those two objectives, but you don’t know if we’d be interested in helping you.

We are.

We offer you institutional quality investment management, but on a completely personal basis.

We will ask you a lot of questions so that we understand what you need so we can build a profile of your financial needs. We know that the real secret to successful investing is not in a special product – but in communicating with you.

We’re skilled at blending a variety of investments to meet precise objectives. You’re risk averse? We understand that. You want to take a calculated risk? We understand that too. You’re just not sure? We’ll help you find the right balance.

Managing risk lies at the heart of designing the most suitable investment strategy for you, and we know that there may be times when you want less risk – or may need to take more. Either way, we will take the time to understand how best to achieve this for you.